Transfer FAQ

– Can I purchase a firearm online?

Yes.  The seller may request an FFL copy if they do not already have it on file.  Email CCG with their fax or email info, and it will be sent.

– Do I need my Concealed Pistol License (CPL) to buy a gun?


– Can I get my Concealed Pistol License (CPL) from you?

No.  More info about obtaining a CPL here:

-What if a transfer is scheduled to be delivered on a day the shop is closed?

If delivery is missed it will be delivered next day and you will be notified.

– Do I need to notify you before my firearm is transferred to your shop?

No.  But ensure the shipper includes your contact info  and invoice copy in the shipment.  

– Can I fill out the paperwork before my firearm is delivered?

No.  The firearm must be logged in by CCG first. 

– Once my firearm transfer arrives, can you fax or email me the paperwork?

No.  The purchaser must be present in the shop to identify themselves and to fill out the forms.

– Can my spouse, relative, or friend do the paperwork for me?

No. Only the purchaser.

– Can my spouse, relative, or friend pick up my firearm for me?

No. Only the purchaser.

– The tracking info says that my package was delivered.  Why haven’t I received a phone call yet?

Every effort is made to process deliveries in a timely manner. Market demands may cause delays due to the precise federal & state documentation required. As soon as yours is processed, you will be notified within the hours of operation.

-What payment methods do you accept?

Cash is preferred, but all credit card’s can be processed.  We do not take checks.

– What is FFL?

Federal Firearm License